28.09.2018  |  Branchenyt

Customer Experience Is Driving Supply Chain Innovation, Says Report From BluJay Solutions and Adelante SCM

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Research indicates that leaders prioritize customers, integrated technology solutions, and supply chain connectivity and visibility

The research, produced by Adelante SCM and presented by BluJay Solutions, was conducted to explore the links between supply chain management innovation, customer experience, technology adoption, and company performance. The findings provide supply chain and logistics decision-makers with benchmarks and insights to develop informed strategies with regard to innovation and improving customer experience. 

Please go to http://www.supplychainresearch.info/ to read and view the full research

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About BLUJAY  A Global Suplier of Logistics and Transportation Software and Services BluJay empowers you to optimize your company’s future in the global economy. When you partner with BluJay, you gain the advantage of the largest Global Trade Network, a cloud-powered portfolio of application services, hands-free customs, optimised transportation and storage, real-time data ana…

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