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Case: Lehning Laboratories complies with the new traceability regulations enabled by Zetes

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Lehning Laboratories, a leading player in the field of homeopathy and herbal medicines, has selected the ZetesAtlas identification solution to ensure compliance with new Falsified Medicines Directive and to assure its customers of product authenticity.

Lehning Laboratories has selected the ZetesAtlas identification solution, equipped MD-9000 automatic marking and tamper-proof labelling stations, to ensure compliance with new Falsified Medicines Directive and to assure its customers of product authenticity.

Created in 1935, Lehning Laboratories is a French pioneer in the field of natural herbal treatments. 35 tonnes of fresh plants are delivered to the site each year, for use in the manufacture of products in various formulations: granules, tablets, liquids. For the liquid products, packaged in a bottle, Lehning Laboratories needed to implement some major changes in their production and packaging operations.

Herbal medicine subject to regulations

The new Falsified Medicines Directive now require the producers of herbal medicines to affix a tamper-proof label to their product packaging. To ensure compliance, Lehning Laboratories selected the ZetesAtlas identification solution. Virginie Pietrowski, Production Manager at Lehning Laboratories explains: "ZetesAtlas has allowed us to centralise all of our production requirements, the marking of legal notices on our packages (Batch Number, expiry date, and Datamatrix) and the now essential application of tamper-proof labels."

Facing up to challenges with ZetesAtlas

In the liquid product production and packaging workshop, there were some major challenges. Bottle sizes range from 30 to 250 ml, and the standards governing packaging and product traceability are highly complex. With its open and non-proprietary architecture, ZetesAtlas software, combined with the MD-9000 automatic system for inkjet marking and application of tamper-proof labels, can identify (and potentially serialising and aggregating) products quickly and easily, directly on the packaging lines. And thanks to its unique Human-Machine-Interface, it will be able to handle any future equipment configuration needs anywhere on the packaging line.

The satisfaction of a completed project

"Since starting to use ZetesAtlas, we have obtained better performance from our production and packaging lines. The improvement is significant: our breakdown rates have fallen from 19% to below 3% in barely two months." comments Virginie Pietrowski.

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