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Julie Diamond – Power in conversation

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A podcast by Implement Consulting with Julie Diamond power, leadership and conversation

Julie Diamond is the founder of Diamond Leadership. She works as an executive coach and international leadership consultant, and she authored the book: “Power - A User’s Guide”. Her focus is on creating transformational learning and leadership solutions across sectors. In this episode, we talk with Julie Diamond about the power of power in conversations and how each of us can become better power users.  

Key topics covered in this episode are:  

  • Understanding the difference between social and personal power
  • Advice on how to be more inclusive as a person with high social power
  • Speaking up as a person with low social power
  • Addressing power when it comes to difficult conversations, for example conversations in a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space

If you are curious about listening to the episode, seeing the references or want to explore the series, find it here.

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