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Case: Hall Miba select Zetes to transform order picking operations

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Malmö (Sweden), 02 March 2021 - Hall Miba, a leading forecourt wholesaler of non-food products to petrol stations and retailers in Sweden, introduces ZetesMedea next generation voice technology as part of a major warehouse digitalisation project.

The investment is key to helping Hall Miba achieve greater warehouse efficiency, order fulfilment accuracy and enhanced service quality levels for their customers.

Improved warehouse operations and maximum performance

To fit their digitalisation strategy, Hall Miba needed a scalable, efficient warehouse execution solution to improve critical processes and maximise efficiency. After a thorough market analysis, they selected ZetesMedea Voice, a next generation multi-modal voice picking system that rapidly improves process accuracy, efficiency and performance. Unlike most ‘trained’ voice systems, the solution removes the need for time-consuming training, enabling an extremely fast and productive ramp up of warehouse operatives, particularly during peak seasonal periods. Equipped with a mobile device and headset from Zebra Technologies, and operating hands-free, Hall Miba’s warehouse operators are able to work highly efficiently and with significantly fewer manual errors.

Higher service levels

In addition to warehouse productivity gains, the system enables Hall Miba to deliver much improved service levels, enabled by accurate order fulfilment status and pro-active communication.

“Now, we can quickly provide our customers with reliable information about their orders thanks to the real-time control and visibility we have gained over our picking processes. This allows us to save time and money while improving both staff and customer satisfaction,” explains Hall Miba Project Manager, Jane Nygren.

Picking events are captured in the ERP system in real time, enabling accurate inventory balances. This helps to mitigate against potential stock shortages or excessive stock levels. “With detailed information about the entire picking process, we now have greater insight into our operator productivity. This enables us to detect bottlenecks, redistribute resources and lead our team more efficiently” says Jane Nygren as she explains the benefits of ZetesMedea Voice.

Håkan Hammar, Country Manager of Zetes in Sweden: “Digitalisation is a must for any organisation today willing to gain full visibility and control on its supply chain operations. We are delighted that Hall Miba chose us as their trusted partner. The next step is to optimise the inventory process transforming it to a fully paperless system to save costs and achieve a higher level of accuracy and quality assurance.”

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