10.03.2022  |  Lager & distribution

Case: Giant retailer Carrefour implements ZetesMedea high-performance voice picking solution

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Carrefour has opened a new Belgian distribution centre to support their growing e-commerce activities, enabled by ZetesMedea voice picking solution to efficiently manage 5,000 orders per day.

Carrefour Belgium operates 40 hypermarkets, more than 440 supermarkets, about 300 local smaller shops and more than 200 pick-up points. They recently opened a new distribution centre in Willebroek to centralise all deliveries for Belgium as well as to address their growing e-commerce business.

Requiring a trusted partner with logistics knowledge and expertise to help them, they consulted  Zetes and opted for their well established ZetesMedea voice picking solution in order to maximise picking efficiency and throughput at the new facility.  

Fast implementation

Zetes has long been a trusted partner and advisor to Carrefour, having proven its capabilities throughout previous voice picking implementations and support contracts throughout its European operations. For the Willebroek operation, speed of implementation was a key factor. Indeed, from first conversation to implementation, ZetesMedea Voice was implemented in just four months, with the distribution centre now processing up to 5,000 orders a day.

“Zetes was able to move very quickly with clear knowledge of their business. Also their expertise in warehousing and logistics processes enabled us to collaborate as an integrated team,” comments Christophe Stemberger, Digital & E-commerce Program Manager Carrefour Belgium.

Flexibility and versatility

ZetesMedea Voice enables the Carrefour pickers to pick the items in their shelves in a fast and efficient way, to expedite orders in a timely manner for maximum customer satisfaction. In conjunction with ZetesMedea software, they opted to equip their operators with a Zebra TC57 device, combined with a RS5100 ring scanner. This enabled them to efficiently manage a common estate of devices which can be used by both their operators and drivers, including a phone connection. Pickers are dispersed around the warehouse in zones picking onto a conveyor belt which runs to the outbound shipping docks. Thanks to the voice solution they can now work completely hands free which greatly optimises their mobility.

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