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Getac's Tablets Can Help Your Sector Today

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Getac’s rugged tablets are designed with the: Transportation, Yard Management, Warehouse and Field Services sector in mind.

The ZX70's and T800's with a Vehicle Dock or Keyboard are suited well for the Transportation sector. With Getac's LumiBond 2.0 Technology, it delivers advanced touch modes and provides a display with better contrast and crisper colors. This technology supports the Transportation sector with its surveillance and documentation management. The RFID and a barcode reader help with tracking data in real-time.

The UX10's and F110's with a Shoulder Strap or Mounting Brackets are suited well for the Yard Management sector. Good connectivity through WiFi or 4G LTE, meaning a there will be good access to remote databases so can guide large vessels to berths.

The ZX70's, T800's, UX10's and F110's with Getac's Device Monitoring System and Driving Safety Utility means they are well suited for the Warehouse sector. With Getac's demountable solutions with Barcode Scanning capabilities that are aimed towards workers with varied job functions such as; inventory management, shipping, packing and loading.

The UX10, V110, B360 and K120 are all devices ideal for the Field Service sector. With accessories like the should strap, multi-bay charger, digitiser and shoulder harness, there are so many accessories to suit your needs within your sector.

Why not download our PDF to find out more on which Getac Tablet can help you today.

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CI Distribution (CI D) has been supplying its way to greatness for over 20 years. Established in 1993, CI D earned worldwide industry respect as a supplier and distributor of a wide array of hardware devices. In 2014, CI D began to invest in a new vein of specialisation; namely, distributing ruggedised devices.

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