20.04.2020  |  Branchenyt

Customer Centricity and agility is key for our new COO

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

In order to drive an end2end customer experience where agility, responsiveness and professionalism are cornerstones in the way we handle our customer’s business, we will strengthen our global structure with Mads Drejer assuming the position as COO Ocean and Air Freight effective January 1st, 2020.

His primary objective will be to ensure that we seamlessly connect teams and unify processes internally across regions and countries ensuring we deliver on our promises to our customers. By strengthening our global structure, we aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, who should expect nothing less than the best from us.

 “In order to be the best partner for our customers, we need to constantly challenge status quo, whilst maintaining a constant and high service level. We believe in people backed up by systems, and not the other way around. By connecting all teams globally, we want to keep finding new ways to uncomplicate our customers business,” says newly appointed COO for Ocean and Air Mads Drejer.

In addition, our expansion plans in Europe and Asia-Pacific will be a key focus area for Mads ensuring we can service our customers from many more locations than we do today.

“With his competences, experience and motivation, I am confident that Mads will be able to apply best practices globally enabling us to grow without compromising on our high level of service and core virtues, “says Allan Melgaard, Group CEO for Scan Global Logistics.

How will our customers benefit from this?

Alongside our expanding global presence additional investments in new systems will also be made, ensuring we provide top of class transparency, for our customers 24-7.

“For instance, we will during Q1 launch our upgraded customer Portal MySGL merging all our IT tools into one single platform. This will amongst other include enhanced reporting, booking and visibility features as well as an upgraded user interface,” explains Mads Drejer and continues:

“Our business is growing rapidly, and we can see a tremendous interest from both SME´s as well as global customers in our business model. Our way of doing business provides our customers with agility, flexibility and scalable solutions tied together by our most valuable resources, our people, . We want to ensure we build solutions around our customer´s needs, as opposed to asking them to fit into a box, which many customers today increasingly consider a challenge.  

We will continue keep you updated on our expansion plans as well as new products and services. You can also follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter – click here.

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