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When companies implement a Warehouse Management System (WMS), we see a number of different pitfalls.

While some of the pitfalls may be represented to a greater extent in specific industries, you can use this blog post as a general reminder for your next WMS implementation to support you in mitigating risks and enhancing your possibilities for a successful WMS project.

We have not based the blog post on a major survey – but through 15 years of experience within warehouse projects, we firmly believe it will be beneficial for you to be aware of these pitfalls and assess your risk accordingly in your next or ongoing WMS project.

1. Treating the project as an IT project

2. Lack of engagement from other stakeholders

3. Hardware neglection (wi-fi spots, label printers, hand scanners, barcode labels etc.)

4. Neglection of language barriers

5. Lack of consideration for summer workers/churn of warehouse workers

6. Too much focus on supporting current processes – even if they are inefficient

7. Wrong scope due to missing insight on current processes and needs

8. Neglection of training efforts

To know more about how to tackle the pitfalls in WMS read more here.

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