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MODULAR Goods-to-Person (GTP) order picking solution

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A new pre-engineered and pre-configured Goods-to-Person (GTP) order picking solution with fast implementation, high productivity and rapid ROI for a wide variety of small to mid-sized businesses distributing from 200 to 1,000+ order lines per hour.

Issues including the lack of a reliable, willing and
available workforce, increasing employment costs,
workplace safety and the need for greater flexibility
to cope with ongoing business uncertainty are
driving the development of new, highly efficient
and cost-effective logistics automation solutions.
Key among these is automated Goods-to-Person
(GTP) picking solutions, but traditionally the ROI has not been compelling for small to mediumsized operations. Enter Dematic’s new, Modular
GTP System – a flexible, off-the-shelf picking solution, which can be scaled up or down as your business changes or as seasonality dictates.

Ultra-high productivity
A single Dematic Modular GTP System pick station operator can achieve very high rates of up to 1000+ items per hour, with minimal errors.
Stock is delivered to picking stations in the precise sequence required for order assembly – heavy items first, fragile items last, by family group or in whatever sequence needs dictate – ensuring high
productivity and throughput.

Ultra-high accuracy
Light-directed, one-to-two pick station configurations – in which a single stock tote
and two order totes are presented to the operator – eliminate time wasted waiting for stock, and enable multiple orders to be fulfilled concurrently.
An integrated weighscale at the pick location checks expected weights, further enhancing accuracy and ensuring that any errors are identified and corrected on the spot.

Flexible operations
Staff work in parallel at multiple picking stations, unaffected by each other’s pace, and pick stations can be opened and closed according to volumes on a particular shift.
The system provides full redundancy as orders can be processed at any location with all stations operating independently. The system throughput can be doubled or tripled by adding extra aisles and picking stations.

Multishuttle - RapidPick stations

Modular GTP system applications
• eCommerce
• Electronic goods
• Mechanical and electrical components
• Hardware, tools
• Spare parts
• Pharmacy, cosmetics
• Niche retailers, convenience stores
• Third party logistics

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