23.05.2022  |  Branchenyt

Dart Tool Group Selects AGR Dynamics to Help Increase Visibility Within their Supply Chain and Cope with Demand

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Leading UK Power Tool Accessory brand turns to AGR Dynamics to resolve their supply chain needs and requirements.

Since DART launched back in 2008, they have catapulted to become a reliable and consistent go-to brand for a wide range of power tool accessories that are unrivaled across the industry. 

It is not just their excellent products that are top quality, but also, their service. Their next-day delivery promise sets them apart from the competition and means that you can rely on DART as a company, to take the pressure off their customers. 

Moving forward, DART will now implement AGR Dynamics to further create a comprehensive forecasting, demand planning, and supply chain automation platform. This will aid their supply chain team overall with meeting demand as well as improving product availability and efficiency.

Paul Morgan, Supply Chain Manager at DART explains:

"We needed to find a tool that could help us manage the intricacies that come with handling our complex supply chain. When we met with AGR Dynamics, it became clear that their solution would be a perfect fit and provide us with improved visibility and deeper insights into our supply, demand, and forecast, which is exactly what we required. We at DART are excited to implement the system and see how it will grow with us in the future."

Adam Cavanagh, UK Director at AGR Dynamics, concludes:

"A natural relationship between the team at DART and AGR Dynamics has already begun. It’s an exciting time to work with a business that is so keen to get to grips with their data, achieve greater visibility across their supply chain, and automate time-consuming tasks. We look forward to expanding on this relationship further and helping accelerate their success."

About AGR Dynamics: 

AGR Dynamics' powerful Inventory Optimisation solutions turn the unpredictable into predictable. Specifically designed for Retailers, Wholesalers, and Distributors, the solutions are user-friendly and cost-effective add-ons to any ERP system featuring Demand Forecasting & Planning, Exception Reporting, Automatic Ordering, ABC Analysis, Container Optimisation and much more.

Find out how AGR Dynamics can help you optimise your supply chain here

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I mere end 20 år har AGR arbejdet med at styre vareflowet, automatisere opgaver, eliminere spild i Supply Chains og som et resultat heraf forbedre virksomhedernes bundlinje i hele Europa og Nordamerika. Vores stærke Inventory Optimization Software gør det uforudsigelige forudsigeligt, så man opnår synlighed og kontrol. Vores løsning, som er udviklet til det…

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