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Type: Webinar
Start dato: 20.05.2020
Start tidspunkt: 8:00 AM - 8:25 AM
Sted: The event is hosted online

How can you build resilience and engagement in yourself and your organisation?

The ability to manage our energy and engagement is essential to handling and thriving on the challenges we face as individuals and organisations, and it’s more important than ever before. Personal energy management is about having an awareness of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy that enables us to conduct our day-to-day activities and tasks. A solid understanding of how to cultivate and manage personal energy is the key not only to our individual well-being and success but also to engagement in organisations.

This webinar will provide you with a thorough understanding of personal energy management and how to utilise techniques to better handle the energy and engagement in your daily life for the benefit of yourself and your organisation.

Aspired learning impact

This short session will give you:

  • An overview of the concept of personal energy management
  • An understanding of different energy levels and how they can be regulated
  • An opportunity to reflect on whether you are spending your energy on what truly matters for you
  • An understanding of how the concept can build resilience and engagement in your organisation


  • We will use Zoom* for the session.
  • Please make sure the Zoom application is installed and running on your computer at least 10 min. before start
  • It may be a good idea to restart your computer before entering the meeting
  • Find a quiet area where you can sit
  • Grab a pair of headphones in order to avoid echo, and check your audio and microphone is working
  • Join us online at the link you receive in the registration email 

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