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Thule increases customer service levels & reduces inventory

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Thule has made several important changes in the last year going from a decentralized set-up based on demand planning to a more centralized process. Their positive results have been significant.

Prior to using SO99+, Thule’s forecasting process had been based first on Excel, later on a decentralized demand planning. To obtain better forecasts the process was centralized but this brought to much manual work and a lack of connection between service and inventory. The solution to these problems have been implementing ServiceOptimizer99+ (SO99+) from ToolsGroup as well as a new process implemented by Optilon. The new solution covers Thule’s biggest product segment Outdoor.

The Outdoor segment has a global customer base consisting primarily of distributors in Car and Sports, a significant portion of sales goes to OES customers in the automotive industry. There are six factories in Europe, one central warehouse, five regional distribution centers and more than 4000 finished goods. Two of the major challenges ara a distinct summer season and uneven demands.

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