Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2023

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Type: Konference
Start dato: 07.09.2023
Start tidspunkt: 09:00
Sted: SPACE, Stockholm

Supply chain has always been a crucial aspect of business operations, but recent global events have highlighted just how critical it truly is.

It’s safe to say that supply chain has shifted from being a boring issue to become frequently discussed in the boardrooms. And as companies face new and complex challenges, supply chain professionals and leaders are being called upon to find innovative solutions and ensure the efficient flow of goods and services.

Companies that see and make good use of the opportunities presented in this new supply chain era can achieve significant competitive advantages now and in the future.

Join us at the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2023! Learn from experts, supply chain leaders, and discover innovative solutions to help you stay ahead of the game!

Why Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2023?

Knowledge & insights
Take part in trends and insights from industry profiles, experts and leaders. Get answers and solutions to problems. Numerous sessions for supply chain professionals and leaders about the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

What are the current challenges and possibilities out there? What are other companies doing? What lessons have they learned? What can we achieve together? Let yourself be inspired!

Meet all the supply chain professionals and leaders in one place.  Broaden your network, broaden your horizons and initiate future business. At the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2023, we want to bring people together to contribute to the development of a highly important and successful supply chain industry.

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