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DEMATIC driving Sustainable, energy-efficient Dc Designs

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Dematic has demonstrated continual support for the environment through many initiatives over the past two decades.

Dematic has demonstrated continual support for the environment through many initiatives over the past two decades. Highlights include:
• Being the first provider to include a patented energy recovery feature in its ASRS solutions
• Developing low-energy, double-zone warehouses for temperature-sensitive goods
• Becoming the first provider to introduce the highly energy-efficient Multishuttle®.

New Dematic Ecodrive Software
In another industry first, Dematic has recently introduced “Dematic Ecodrive” – smart,
energy-saving software, which by improving the efficiency of process control in automated
warehouses and production plants, has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 10-15%.
Following are some brief details on how Dematic is working closely with customers all around the world, helping them to save energy and reduce their environmental impact in many ways.

Environmental protection is a cornerstone of future industrial development. The implementation of ever more efficient automation is a core objective for Dematic and the logistics systems sector in playing a key role in reducing CO2 emissions.
Our customers are increasingly responding to these requirements when undertaking new investments and upgrading existing logistics systems. And Dematic is leading in the quest to create sustainable logistics operations by providing innovative solutions that assist our customers use less power and more environmentally-friendly packaging.
In this overview of our environmental efforts, we preview several initiatives that Dematic is engaging in around the world to provide our staff, customers and their families a more sustainable future.

In Europe, Dematic has added to the wealth of knowledge on sustainability by focusing on ecological product and production design, and contributing
to the new VDMA sustainability initiative “Blue Competence”. The VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen-und Anlagenbau - German Engineering
Federation) is one of the key association service providers in Europe and offers the largest engineering industry network in Europe.
Dematic has joined forces with the new “Blue Competence” sustainability initiative that the VDMA started in July 2011 for ecology and environmental technology in plant and machinery construction. The aim of the initiative is to continue to strengthen
and expand the long-term role of plant and machinery construction in Europe as a worldwide technology leader. In parallel, the intention is to highlight the sector’s high level of creative innovation in terms of energy-efficient products and solutions to the public.The high importance that the issue of resource efficiency holds is reflected in the numerous developments introduced by Dematic in the last two decades.
As early as 1995, Dematic was the first provider to include energy recovery in ASRS systems, developed the patented, low-energy double-zone warehouse for the storage of temperature-sensitive goods, and, in 2006, was the first systems
provider to introduce the highly energy-efficient Multishuttle®.
The latest example of this innovation is Dematic’s Ecodrive software for improved energy efficiency in process control and automated warehousing.
The software permits an additional reduction in CO2 emissions in automated warehouses of 10-15%, improves the ecological balance by up to 20%, and meets the protocol requirements for tax savings in line with ISO 16001.

North America
In North America, through a Dematic Service initiative, thousands of warehouses have engaged Dematic to upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting, work which is completed during regular scheduled maintenance. At the Dematic-sponsored Material Handling &
Logistics Conference (www.mhlc.com) in Park City, Utah, Jeff Smith, Senior Director of Logistics, Maintenance, and Purchasing for Walmart, detailed some of the steps the company has taken to reduce energy consumption within its distribution
centres. In one key project, the company retrofitted the lighting in more than 100 distribution
centres, resulting in annual average savings of US$124,300 (EUR 92,009) per facility.
W.W. Grainger’s Senior Manager, Property Management, Patrick Shurtliff, said in a separate presentation at a Dematic conference that his company upgraded lighting in its 16 branch facilities in 2010 and is expecting to implement the same upgrade in 36 more distribution centres in 2011.
The company also installed a 9,600-panel photovoltaic system on the roof of a New Jersey DC.

Asia Pacific
In Asia Pacific, Dematic undertook a comprehensive risk analysis of environmental impacts, especially focusing on our manufacturing operations, and compiled a register of environmental hazards. The exercise led to Dematic Australia being granted
ISO14001 certification for its environmental management system, which is integrated into the normal business processes and systems. Some of the outcomes achieved so far under the program include the establishment of a spill response team and spill kits throughout our factory and grounds, the inclusion of a waste management template for use during customer project installations, a 13% reduction in fuel consumption
through the use of more efficient service vehicles, and an 8.7% reduction in steel content in
production due to new storage system designs.




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