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Optilon Danmark

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About Optilon - Leading in Supply Chain Management

Optilon is a partner company founded in 2005 in Sweden. We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Turku. All of the people working for Optilon share a passion for planning, optimization and logistics, and the best thing we know is to improve our customers' business using hard work, great knowledge, analytical ability and good cooperation.

Everybody at Optilon focuses entirely on Supply Chain Optimization and Supply Chain Management. We believe that corporate logistics processes are extremely important in a results-oriented business. We know that large effects can be achieved by using the right strategies in combination with powerful applications based on mathematical optimization and modern technology.

An important factor for the founders of Optilon was to work with the market leading and most suitable software in Supply Chain Optimization. Optilon is therefore independent to software vendors. To evaluate and analyze this is an important work that is handled by Optilon Application Board.

Over the years, very good results generated from over 200 implementations of new processes based on market leading supply chain applications. Our clients are medium and large companies in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Optilon's goal is that all clients must be reference customers six months after project completion.

  • Indkøbsanalyse,
  • IT til produktionsoptimering,
  • IT til transportoptimering,
  • Konsulentvirksomhed,
  • Målstyring, planlægning + BI (Business Intelligence),
  • WMS + it til lageroptimering

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